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The wrinkles at the sides of your eyes can begin to peek through as early as age 30. “Crow’s Feet” come from years of squinting and sun exposure or even smoking. The good news is that crow’s feet can be effectively minimized to give you a younger and stress-free look.

There are essentially 2 main categories of facial lines - dynamic and static.

  • Dynamic lines are those produced by the actions of the underlying muscles.
  • Static facial lines are those that are present all times – even during complete rest or sleep and are the result of squinting, frowning and sun damage.

Most people have a combination of both kinds of facial lines.

  1. Dynamic lines are best treated by Injections – which work by paralyzing the treated muscles. This makes sense since dynamic lines are from the movement of the underlying muscles.
  2. Static lines are best treated by Resurfacing or removing the top layers of skin. Resurfacing can be mild (microdermabrasion, light peels), moderate (TCA peels, etc) to deep (stronger chemical peels, C02 laser, etc). Some patients may require a combination of both treatments (botox + resurfacing).

There are a number of ways to turn back the clock on the eyes, so we can customize a treatment plan to meet your specific needs and budget. Whether you choose injections or a skin resurfacing treatment, you can enjoy younger-looking eyes with minimal discomfort and recovery tim