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Your cheek bones give you your sexy chiseled look. With age, our cheek tissues start to descend and fat pushes forward creating the hollow and puffiness of the lower lids sometimes leaving a sunken appearance of the middle part of the face.


A wonderful but temporary option is filler injections that Dr Pooya will use to sculpt the look you desire. Fillers will last 9-12 months.


There are several longer lasting solutions. Dr Pooya, with his meticulous technique, can redistribute the fat and tissues of the midface rendering a single smooth contour to the lower eyelid and midface restoring your youthful appearance. Three components can cause your cheeks to get deflated: 1) heredity; 2) gravity; and 3) fat loss. Dr Pooya can surgically correct this for you by lifting the cheeks, fat injections and placing a cheek implant. A very small incision is made from the inside of the lower eyelid leaving no visible scar or stitches.

Dr Pooya will discuss with you the best option to attain the results you desire.