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A neck lift is a set of procedures to enhance the appearance of your neck. During your consultation, we will discuss your goals and learn about the options.

A Neck Lift Procedure can also include:

  • Botox injections to address problems with fullness or “bands”
  • Radio Frequency or Ultrasound
  • Removing excess skin
  • Removing or altering neck muscles
  • Liposuction to remove excess fat


Your options are radio frequency or ultrasound to tighten the skin depending on the extent of the skin looseness of your neck. Botox injections can relax parts of the platysma that are responsible for the “band” appearance or look of fullness. These injections can be done in 15 minutes on an outpatient basis, meaning no overnight stay. These procedures have no downtime or only mild discomfort. However, you will need a treatment once a month for 3-4 months before seeing subtle results.


Don’t let anyone fool you. Nothing short of a traditional neck lift will tighten your neck the way you are envisioning. It will last 5-10 years and you will be the happiest with this modality.

  • Turkey Wattle: Dr Pooya may recommend neck lift surgery.  Dr Pooya will discuss with you the type of anesthesia you prefer, depending on your preference. If you want to remain asleep during the procedure, you should request general anesthesia. Otherwise, we can use local anesthesia with sedation. The choice is up to you.
  • Liposuction:  During liposuction, your surgeon will make a small cut below your chin and remove excess fat. If you are also having other procedures, it is very common to begin with liposuction.If this is the only procedure you’re having, you should plan on the procedure lasting up to an hour. Your incisions will be stitched and bandaged. It’s important to make sure you understand and follow your doctor’s instructions on proper care for the stitches and bandage.
  • Too Much Skin on Your Neck: Dr Pooya will trim part of the skin and lift it into place, securing it with tissue glue or stitches. This takes two to four hours, depending on the complexity of your procedure. Your anesthesia will depend on your own personal comfort level. Dr Pooya will fit you with a compression bandage that you will have to wear for at least one week after your neck lift unless instructed otherwise.